Sickness and Injuries Happen

But, sadly, without health insurance, some families never recover financially.

 All qualified plans, including  Kaiser and CareFirst offer all 10 of the essential benefits that the government requires and there is no “cap” (maximum that the insurance company will pay).  Only certain agents are certified brokers with the MHC and are able to find qualified Marylanders subsidies.

If you want to enroll in a health plan that  is ACA (Obamacare) compliant, eligible for tax subsidies, has no health questions, and covers hospitals, doctors, and medical care, please complete this form,
or call 410-517-2055

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Nondiscrimination Notice and Foreign Language Assistance

Under Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), CareFirst is required to post a notice of nondiscrimination and inform individuals with limited English proficiency of the availability of foreign language assistance services. The notice is available at the link below.
care first

With Carefirst there are

  • No prexisting worries
  • No health questions
  • Coverages Including medications
  • Coverages for COVID and Flu
  • Coverages for pregnancy, mammogram and colonoscopy
  • Coverage for children under 26
  • No dollar Limit
  • Subsides available