Life insurance keeps your promises.

Less than 60% of Americans have life insurance and half of those that do are under-insured.

That means that every year children don’t just lose a parent, they lose a place to live, a college education, a dream wedding and an opportunity for a good life. Every year husbands and wives who are left without a spouse are also left without time to grieve and have to figure out how they will live on one income.

Don’t let this happen to the ones you love.

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Life Insurance may allow you to :

Increase your IRA or Pension for your heirs.

Recover your family’s inheritance lost in the stock and real estate markets.

Buy life insurance that increases each time you make a premium payment.

Access the death benefit during your lifetime to offset the costs of Long Term Care.

Allow you to purchase life insurance on your parents to fund your own retirement plans.
care first

With Carefirst there are

  • No prexisting worries
  • No health questions
  • Coverages Including medications
  • Coverages for COVID and Flu
  • Coverages for pregnancy, mammogram and colonoscopy
  • Coverage for children under 26
  • No dollar Limit
  • Subsides available